New song about avm & aftermath

My middle kid’s band just released a new record – he’s the drummer. He wrote the lyrics for the song “My Blood, My Brother,” which is about his brother’s (my oldest kid) AVM, the rupture and the consequences. My oldest kid is disabled following the bleed.

I wanted to share the link and lyrics. Note the section starting with “I awoke…” refers to when my middle kid found his brother after the bleed. The song captures a lot of what I feel too, maybe someone here can relate. I will warn you all – this is likely the heaviest song musically you have ever heard. Also an f bomb is dropped, which I know many here will relate to.

Apple music: ‎Incomplete - Album by Dystopian - Apple Music
Spotify: search “Dystopian My Blood, My Brother”

Dystopian, “My Blood, My Brother”

When I look into his eyes
I see life as it truly is
Broken and soaked in sin
Unpredictable and unfair

It’s natural for all to suffer, but why do some suffer more than the rest?
Destiny chosen by the roll of a die, this is the nature of all
The twisted arms of fate lie beyond understanding
Their thorns wrap around you, constricting

When I look into his eyes
I see a hidden world of light
Invisible to the world
Smothered by the crushing dark

I live with luck in my veins, what made him different?
The life that he should live, we take for granted
For years I’ve stared through this mist, but I cannot see
A rhyme or reason to this f****** mystery

I awoke to see hell stand before me
To hear gasping for air
Fate had struck and left you helpless on the ground
When I close my eyes it’s still there

When I look into his eyes
I see what should have been
My blood, my brother
One day this will be made right


My ear is not tuned to the lyrics at all: way too heavy for me! But a really interesting thing to see your son talking about this through his music :blue_heart:

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Please tell your son he is extremely talented, and that song will help many who struggle! :heart:

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Impressive - imo

Definitely my kind of music back in my youth

I still listen to thrash metal/punk/heavy metal from time to time

How old is he?

Totally, rock on!