New update for Blake

Hi guys hope you all are doing well, I went to my new neurologist I really like her, her name is Dr Kelly she has now diagnosed me with seziures and as of now they do belileve I have 3 AVMs so the keep going back and forth with that I am seeing a neuro phyce guy next month to determine the extent of my brain damage from the last surgery but doing good hope you are too hope to hear from you guys blake

Hi, Blake. I’m so glad that you’ve found a neurologist that you like. I am sorry, however, to hear that you have three AVMs! Where are they located?

Hi Blake,

It always helps to have doctors that you can relate to. Sorry to hear about the 3 AMS but am glad you are doing well. Good luck with your next appointment.


Hi Blake you hang in there. It’s nice that you have good docs to help you through this;)

hi Blake iam glad you found a likeable nerologists and that you are doing well. i am sorry that they now think that you do have 3 avms is that including the one you had removed? Have you been experancing seziures or how was that i diagnosed? anyway i hope the appointment goes well.