Not Getting Bored or Lonely

I really don't get bored or lonely. Am I just a big-old weirdo like that or does anyone else feel the same way? It seems that most people to whom I talk(with a very rare exception here and there), get really lonely; however, I think constantly of weird things and concepts and frequently ask the "why" of things; I write quite a bit; read and research stuff online quite a bit; plus everything takes me MUCH longer to do - and no longer having the capacity to multi-task - which I really don't miss - + working toward any goals, etc., pretty much leaves me with a full day of stuff.

If I am doing something different, it's obviously working for me - I'm not complaining; however, I can't seem to not compare myself with that type of normal. Anyone else in the "non-normal" camp?

Definitely Julie! Going through AVM surgery makes many of "us" feel not normal! I think it's great that you don't get bored. I get very bored & lonely as I am still having reading etc very difficult. However, I do have a dream and I am going to "Live my dream" next May when I leave Oz for the "walk" in San Fransciso! However, I have let the "why" go as I can't change how I used to be...this is how I am NOW and as learning to assept me how I am now. My "planning skills & memory are just crap these days! Take care my friend! :)

You're leaving Oz? What on earth will Toto say, aka bark, about that? =)

I'm very excited for you going to the walk next year! Drink plenty of fluids and water - I obviously missd my calling as a beverage coach! =)

It can feel isolating sometimes - and I'm very grateful for meeting the many here in the same boat.

The "why", on the other hand, I guess that the WHY? "philosophy" is part of my DNA (that or I'm part-hippie at heart - probably both)- I know that there's simply no reason to try and change my make-up - not to mention imposible; however, I have my "teenage pubescent" moments when I just want to be like everyone else - but then eventually "come to see the light".

Thanks, Lesley!