Not sure what happened

Hey everyone. Took a little ride to the ER today. Woke up, had a headache and tried to read the box to see how much to take and woke up on the floor. Scared the heck out of my mom who saw it go down. She said I had a stroke but with no shaking or convulsing. It was the freezing thing, with a slow drop to the floor and I understand that my eyes rolled back. They were kind of scared because I hit the wall and left a dent (spackling should take care of that) but the cat scan showed nothing so far and I don't feel anything and there isn't a bump. In the hospital now to see what's up. But hey we'll still plan on the Texas get-together come hell or high water. Yes the doc ordered an MRI too and I'll make to to tell you how that goes. Thought they got it all in 2006...hmmm. Maybe this is something else? Hope everyone is doing well!

Yikes…that is not a good way to start the day. I know scar tissue plays havoc with a lot of members. Please keep us informed!!!

Hi Suzy... sending you POSITIVE vibes and pls know I'll be praying for you too. and yes pls do keep us informed okay.. take care!

Thoughts and prayers for you!

Thinking of you. Hope all will be ok x

Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way! Hope they figure this out quickly for you and get it taken care of!

Hey Suzy, it sucks waking up on the floor! Definitely scary. I'm glad they are taking good care of you in hospital and I look forward to hearing that all is ok with you! Thoughts & prayers are with you. xx

How scary, Suzy!!! Hope you're feeling better & that your drs. can find an answer so it doesn't happen again.
Take care,

I'm very sorry to hear that, Suzy.

Until you're update, good luck with everything.

Heey Suzy, what a terrible message. I hope you are doing fine now and that there's nothing wrong. But I can imagine that you would like to know what caused this.. Keep us posted. Greetings Melissa

Suzi, wow, that is scary! But the safest thing is that you are in the hospital....Please let us know what they say after your MRI. Stay strong, as you always are! Keep the Faith!

Hi Suzy! Thank you for the red ribbon and the birthday wish. Hope you feel better now. Take it easy! :)

Suzy! I am sorry to hear about this. I hope they figure it out and fix you up. How frightening that must feel. Think of you. Keep us posted on test results. <3

Thank you for all the well wishes everyone. I can't begin to tell you what it meant to me. As Ellen would say... "back atcha". :) I am finally home now after the barrage of tests. The good news is that all the tests (cat scan, ultra sound of the carotid artery, ultrasound of my heart (was weird, was expecting to see a, blood tests, eeg, and mri) nothing abnormal showed. Yea! Guess I needed to have all those tests done. The bad news is they didn't find anything so I still don't know what happened. The weirdest catch-22 ever. But thanks again everyone for the prayers and well wishes and as always I hope everyone is doing well! Y'all are wonderful! Wish I could hug each and every one of you... ah well I can give you a cyber hug... (((((((((((((((everyone ))))))))))))))

Hope it's not something serious and that they can find out what caused this scary episode.

All the best,

Suzy, I'm very glad that you are home again & feeling ok! You just never know what can happen with or after surgery etc with an AVM!! My thoughts & prayers are with you my friend! xx

I am glad you are home and ok (as ok as it gets not knowing). I love your sense of humor even when things are tough! :)

Thanks Holly. Gotta keep laughing... They say it's good for you, but I'm not sure who "they" is... :)

Thank you Ninibeth. Home now and had the barrage of tests that I've been worried about. But feeling better and taking it really s l o :)

Thanks for the kind words Lesley. You are all very dear to me. But considering what everyone else has to go through, I'm good. :) Just keeping everyone updated.