November 27 - New Member Introductions

Hi everyone! I want to welcome some of the new members who have recently joined our AVM support community.

From Oregon, US is @Faye! Faye was diagnosed with a level 5 AVM deep in her brain in August 2009, after a bleed, and has also experienced several aneurysms related to the AVM. Interestingly, Faye runs an ornamental garden design and maintenance business.

Just south of Oregon, we have @Cherylashby1 from California, US! Cheryl just experienced a recent diagnosis of AVM. She is currently waiting to figure out her next steps and could definitely use some great advice and support from our many members!

@EffulgentlyDani is a fellow American from the sunny state of Florida. Dani experienced an unruptured AVM in 2003 and underwent embolization, laminectomy, and resection. She has been powering through this challenge, but recently, experienced some resurfacing symptoms. Let’s all support her as she awaits her angiogram results!

Next, we have @afabarbosa from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil! She had a severe seizure in 2008 and, after surgery, has been healthy ever since. Very recently, her sister experienced a brain hemorrhage and is still recovering in a coma. I am sure there are many members here who could provide her support and comfort in a difficult time like this.

@Sjoy4u2 is from Eastern, US. Sjoy4u2’s niece is undergoing surgery soon and could benefit from some advice and comfort to get through this tough journey.

Please, feel free to introduce yourselves, start your own new topic, or respond to other topics. This is a space for you to lean on others and express your challenges.

The more we can support each other, the stronger we become as a group.

Have a great week everyone!


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