Ocular migraine after embolization

I had my AVM (facial, near my left eye) embolized on the 10th, and I’ve just started experiencing ocular migraines… has anyone else experienced this?

Yes they were awful! I wrote about it in my blog! It's rare, but they clear up:)

You hang in there! Have you chatted with your doc?


Hi Kayla, My Daughter Nicole ( 7) has had two embos with Onyx,she has a facial AVM on the right side of her face , mainly cheek and up to just past her eye , her last embolization was 2 months ago and she has recently been complaining of pains at the side of her eye and a headache (dont know if there migraines) The pain is mainly above her eyes and in the central temple area. George (Nikis Dad:))

It sounds like your daughter's AVM is similar to mine, as far as location goes. My migraines didn't include headaches (though I have had a lot of those, just not connected to the migraines), just auras. My vision would go wavy and I'd see lights and stars, but it passed quickly.

I experience a lot of pain in the same areas that your daughter does, and it seems pretty normal after embolizations. What I do is keep some bottles of water (usually empty soda or water bottles I will fill up just for this purpose) in the freezer, and once they're frozen I'll just hold them on my face and the pain goes away. It's hard to find what works best for AVM pains, since we're limited with what OTC pain killers we can use (nothing that thins blood, no ibuprofen..), but I've found that cold works wonders.

Hi Kayla, Thanks for your quick reply, Where you embos with Onyx ? My daughters surgeons said that they managed to get Approx 50% of AVM , but wanted to wait as long as they could before they did a third to see if she could could reach puberty as that when they say AVMs can really kick in,
So have your Docs said you shouldnt use Ibuprofen ?

George :)

My doctor didn't want to use Onyx because he said it could be visible through the skin. I was about 10 when my AVM became visible (but we thought it was a birth mark), it didn't start growing and showing symptoms until I was 18. My doctors recommended against Ibuprofen because it can thin blood and cause bleeding.

I've had migraines for years, but no doctor felt scans were necessary until this past April & that's when my cerebral AVM was diagnosed. I had my first GK in June for my AVM, then had a crani in July to clip two aneurysms. About September, my migraines started changing & I was regularly having the aura without the headache. (Still had some with aura + headache). My surgeon sent me for an MRI to make sure things were ok. My head was fine--brain showed remodeling, so he sent me to a neurologist to treat the migraine. I saw her in October & started taking nortiptilyne & working on better sleep habits & it has helped tremendously with the aura & the migraines.

Depending on how bad things are, I use a combination of Tyelenol, Maxalt, and cold. I have several of the blue icepacks for lunch boxes that I keep in the freezer. I wrap one in a dish towel & use those for ice packs.

Hi Kayla, my AVM is in my occipital lobe, and I have a lot of issues with ocular migraines. They are awful! I found they were more frequent after my embolizations. I went to see my neurologist and he prescribed "Zomax" to help with my migraines. I find the best thing to do is just take some tylenol, turn off the lights, get an ice pack, and try to lay down. I hope they go away for you!