Ok i have to ask

After the rupture before the CRANI.... just hours before .....I had a really strange "dream" Did any of my friends here have the same or similar experience of going to "anoyher place" kind of out-of body" if you know what I mean???? Was this just a brain-fart in the truest sense?? I saw some people that had been gone for awhile... If you know what I mean??? It was all good; did anyone else have this happen? The implications really scare me to dwell on it?!! Tell me if this happened to anyone else?

thanks Nicole

I never had that happen unfortunately. I would have loved to see some people, what a great thing, and thank goodness you didn’t leave :slight_smile:
I did see a man in my ICU room (a few days after my bleed). He appeared in a chair and sat with his elbows on his knees, just looking around. But he never looked at me. He looked like he was from ‘old days’, thick wavy hair, worn cranberry work shirt on, long but trim mustache. I watched him for about 3 minutes, even looked away at some points but could still see him out of the corner of my eye. I WAS AWAKE (although people tell me I was dreaming). I remember thinking about my Grandpa hoping he would appear, but he didn’t. I don’t know who he was. I’ve mentioned his description to relatives but it doesn’t ring a bell. My mother thinks he was an angel just checking things out. After about 3 minutes, he just disappeared.

Thanks Susan! This too is familiar. Someone gave me a book that had a story like yours, I can't remember the title. But after the boy described the man he saw to enough people someone recognized the description and the person he saw in the hospital hallway was a relative gone before he was even born and finally someone told him who the angle was! Either way I guess its all good. But thanks for the reply at least I don't feel so confused now having read tour description! good to talk I guess!!



No…but then I was really doped up once I got to the hospital. However, I meet a lot of people at my job and I have heard this same story time and time again. You are still obviously here for a reason!

I had those kind of dreams too, but after my rupture and my crani. I always figured it was the drugs. They were some doozies though.