Old memories

Hi: To all of you that have kindly responded to my inquiry of the walkaid system; I thank you. I came across this site in my search for answers regarding new technology, but what i found is all of you. I have spent nearly 27 years trying to get over the trama of a life changing event and believe that i have done quite well, although i know it is always with me. I wish that this kind of support was available to me when i was going through my difficult time. I think this network is invaluable and find it a source of inspiration. You are great! I am amazed at the tecnological progress and the wonderful new options available. I will say to those of you that are struggleling at this time, it is so expected and even though it doesn’t seem so … it will get better… much better. I never thought so but i was i only 21 years old and what did i know. I do know now that all of my challanges have made me who i am today. I am a social worker… who would have guessed. I have a beautiful twelve year old daughter and a great husband that actually doesn’t even see my significant limp. My biggest regret over the years is wasting so much time and energy on worrying about how i look to others. Who cares,what made me think they were actually looking at me anyway. Life is too short . Enjoy it today.

Linda it is so nice of you to send this note out to us…I’m glad you are part of our family now !!