One in a million!

hi family,

i was feeling low today, so like a dork i looked up info on AVM.

we already know how rare it is, but i just wanted to share with you that it is more than rare, it is


most of us know this already, but it's still kinda cool to read it. in a warped way it made me feel special, like we were the special, rare winners of the lottery of brain defects lol

check it out, it specifically says 'one in a million' here-

so there you go, we are not damaged, we are rare beautiful gems in a sea of plain, run-of-the-mill brains!!! YAY FOR US! LOL

your loco brother,


When the doctor was explaining the rarity of this to my mom, she replied in humor, “well he has always been a special boy so I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise he’s that rare!” :wink:

I had always read that AVMs occur in less than 1% of the general population. Ooooh I like being called a rare gem in a sea of plain, run-of-the-mill brains!!! Yay is right!!

Thank you for posting. I needed a positive spin today :slight_smile:

Interesting article. I'm not certain about 'one in a million' though. That could have been true when this article was written (in 2001). I believe the statistics of people with avms are now, one in every 100,000 people have an avm. That may include all types of avms though. My doctors did tell me thats is true - most (not all) brain avms arent found until after they have ruptured and caused problems. I understand the 'special' feeling'. We are definitly rare,... That's for sure. :)

Did you get the shirt yet that you had ordered? I hope you will take a picture of it and let us see it. :)

Ashok…I love it! “a rare gem”. Thanks for that!

:slight_smile: We are all one in a million even if the statistics have changed and now know I look like a million too! Ok so only 912,000, but hey is is darn close.


Thats beautiful ashok and thank you for sharing it...I really needed something positive and pretty today. again, thank you.