One of Jaclyn's favorite songs...Please check this out!

Okay Jaclyn I’m not a huge Jonas Brothers fan (probably my age), but I have to admit the song says a lot especially for people that are in similar situations as you, Andrew and everyone on this site. I love the lyrics. Thanks for sharing, maybe I should listen to more of their songs.

Funny because Jaclyn doesn’t like them at all either …but this song ‘hit home!’ Thanks for listening!

Yeah, definitely strikes a chord (no pun intended). My husband and son listen to music and pick out the quality of the individual players or they have favorite bands. I tend to hear the words. The song may not be complex, but it makes a statement I like. So there are many types and styles of music I like because I like the lyrics. I thought all girls that age loved the Jonas Brothers, what do I know I have all boys. Hope Jaclyn’s doing well, we are getting ready for our trip to Phoenix.

Kim (Jaclyn’s mom) said:

Funny because Jaclyn doesn’t like them at all either …but this song ‘hit home!’ Thanks for listening!

Okay, that was like torture for me and I only did it for Jaclyn, LOL… BUT it does have nice words so I can see why it’s one of her favourites. My daughter loves these guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

When my son was in the Gamma machine they were playing music from my MP3 (because it was the only one that we had with us) and the very last song that played was Bob Marley- Everything’s Gonna be Alright. He said the second the song ended, the machine beeped to indicate the treatment was over.
I just bawl when I hear that song now.
Thanks for sharing that, Kim.

What a great song, wow, I know everyone here will love it. I can see why it’s her favorite.

This song has been out for awhile and Jaclyn doesn’t even like the Jonas Brothers but since her 3rd Gamma Knife procedure is coming up…it’s been heavy on her mind. It’s been 6 years now and we really didn’t expect to still be fighting this at this point in time. She came to me last night while we were designing bracelets to sell as a fundraiser, and she made me watch this. My heart …SANK…I was speechless so I felt I needed to share! Thanks everyone for your comments!