One year post-cranio and AVM recission - flying worries

I had my cranio July 15, 2011, and we are at long last taking our first family vacation since. I am extremely worried about flying. Maybe my fears are irrational, but has anyone ever heard of issues flying after an AVM has been completely taken care of? I am afraid the in-flight cabin pressure will somehow cause something to go wrong with my brain, causing another bleed or something. I hope I'm just being stupid and worried for no reason.

Don't think there's any worry.

We flew 4 HRs about 3 days after a crani TWICE. Drs had zero concerns about doing it.

One year out, should be less worries.

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Ron, KS

Has your Dr. Given you any restrictions? My AVF has been obliterated so I have no restrictions. I can fly in airplane, scuba dive, ride roller coasters, and take aspirin. I would think that it is the same for you but I would ask your Doctor to be sure. Its better to be safe than sorry. I think that you don’t have to worry about flying commercial, it’s flying in a private plane that can be problematic. But if you are AVM-free you have nothing to worry about.

I was released from his care many months ago, and at that time had no restrictions. It's definitely commercial flying (private..don't I wish!). I am just always freaking out about every little twinge, headache, etc., and the flying issue really has me on edge.

Oh lord, I was in no shape to fly 3 days afterwards...I am so glad you were up to it at that point. I am such a worrier about everything since my surgery, and this is a huge worry.

Think positive thoughts! Your AVM is gone so dont even let those negative thoughts surround you. I know it’s hard. I swear I can still feel where my AVM was located but the Doctor has said it is gone so I must believe him. In any event, there is something about commercial flying, that even if you AVM isn’t obliterated, you don’t have to worry. I think commercial planes have pressurized cabins. It’s only when the pressurized cabins lose pressure(rarely happens) that you have to worry.

I feel what your saying im scared of being on a long flight and having a bleed also...its safe to say we are extra cautious as we are still dealing with the trauma. God bless and hope all works out well for you

Rachel R.,...

The aircraft cabin pressurization actually helps you from altitude differential pressures. But before I get on my soapbox,...*wink*, check with your neurosurgeon and his/her team of specialists for answers to your flying question. As always they have the final say about your health issues/questions, and your future prosperity.

(As well as speaking from my experiences as an ex-FAA certified A&P technician.)

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I had a craniotomy to clip 2 aneursysm about a week before yours. My AVM is still active (have had 3 Gamma Knife treatments).

I have flown since then & will be taking a couple of trips via air this summer. My surgeon said I can fly, but can't SCUBA.

I've flown after I had the combo AVM removal via surgery and masssive aneurysm rupture, and I simply took aspirin pre-flight to prevent a migraine. The neurosurgeon gave me the 'all clear' at the 6 month cerebrial angiogram follow-up. Neuro said the brain heals for 6 months post-surgery.

Air pressure changes does increase the chance of migraines (if you have that issue), but my advice is to simply do everything else right (good sleep, regular eating, lots of water) and you'll likely be fine. I flew for a wedding, had a great time. Worry is inevitable after all you've been thorough, so try some nice deep breathing exercises and/or visualization (i think has good ones) to reduce stress during the flight. You'll be glad, once you fly once, you'll be fine the next time. I find that's true with everything. Anxiety is inevitable, but you each time you relax and handle it, you'll be bettr the next time.
For flights, lots of water is really helpful before flying.