Pain after surgery

I’m having my Craniotomy on Dec 2nd. My biggest fear. Is there going to alot of pain?

I think I read once where there are not a lot of pain receptors (?) in your head, thus you didn’t have a lot of pain following a craniotomy. Hope I have that correct.

Chari’s biggest complaint after her’s: The Scar ITCHED–drove her crazy! If I recall, my Mom stathered it with Vitamin E oil about 5 times per day, but Please do not take Mom’s cure as any kind of responsible guidence–Mom swore by it, but who knows if it helped or not. Seemed to sooth the itchy part.

You’ll do fine.
Ron, KS

hi,casey, everyones experance is different but with my crainotomy morpheen and tyonal 3 were free flowing while i was in the hospital so the pain was not bad. my face hurt more then where i had had the surgery. i had some pain for a few weeks after the surgery but it died down after that. i wouldnt worry about the pain,let it be something you deal with then. u hope everything goes better then you imagined and good luck with it all.

Yes and no. No you won’t feel much pain on your head, since you would of had injections to numb that area immensely. But yes, there is still a lot of other pains, emotional and physical. Everyone’s experience is different. I know it’s hard, but try not to dwell on it too much, good luck.

Casey after my surgery I had wicked headaches for about 2 weeks after. The doctors gave me good pain meds in the hospital and over time I didn’t need it as often or as much of it. Although everyone’s experience is different, you should be prepared for some pain, but really nothing that isn’t managable with medication. Best of luck to you and let us know how you are doing.

Hi Casey,
I’ve had two craniotomies this year, and fighting fit now :slight_smile: Yey! As far as the craniotomy is concerned, yes in all honesty there is pain for the first couple of days after the surgery, however the pain killers and morphine given in intensive care immediately after surgery really help in settling the pain down. After the first 3-4 days max, it becomes MUCH more manageable. The following 2-3 weeks, you should really only have some headaches and a soreness. However, all I can add is that everyone is different in how they can cope with pain. So hopefully if all goes to plan, you’ll be absolutely fine! :-)) Good luck Ali x

Hi Casey,
I had a good amount of pain after my craniotomy for a while, particularly when I would try to lay my head down. It was also painful if anyone touched my scar, my hair, or anything near my head! Really, though, the pain wasn’t sooo bad on the actual surgery site for more than a week.
Headaches were awful though (although I had a stroke before my surgery and I don’t know what side effects are due to what medical condition) and you can’t take Aspirin so I recommend a lot of caffein! And luke warm baths help.
I noticed a lot of muscle fatigue, so what really helped me was buying one of those hand-held back massagers. Your muscles tense up, probably because you’re worried about hitting your head on the bed, but this helps you calm down and makes sleep easier.
The thing is, every day it felt SO much better than the last day that it made it okay. Also, I was on anti-seizure meds and for a while narcotics so I barely remembered anything day-to-day.
Good luck!!! You’ll be so happy to have that out of your body :slight_smile: it feels amazing! Can’t wait to hear how you feel after.