Painless HALO?

So many of you are saying you had painless halo? What did they do to make it painless?

Mine hurt like hell (not to scare anyone who is getting ready for it).

I just thought that is how everyone’s was, I mean they did put bolts in our heads.

yeah…it’s all a figment of your imagination. unless they didn’t have you numb enough and so, then it would definitley hurt, but other then that it’s a huge amount of pressure and pressure doesn’t hurt, it’s just very uncomforteable.

no they didn’t put a local anasthetic tablet under my gum

how did they numb you, it didn’t feel numb. I felt every turn.

Eric- it should not hurt. There’s something wrong with what they did. I received a local anesthetic on the 3 places where they screwed in the halo. Plus, I got valium to keep me relaxed. You should raise hell.


They numb the four areas with a local anesthetic. I can not remember if they gave me medication before hand but when they were putting it on I only felt pressure. i did have pain when they removed it but it was not extreme pain. Once it started hurting while I was waiting and they reinjected the area that hurt. I think most of my pain was after it was removed which caused me to have migraines but I am very sensitive to this. Did them numb the area with any type of injection?

Eric, when the docs did my halo, it was so painful for me as well, the first two I cryed like a baby, the last two were like an outer body experience, never want to make anyone worry about having it done, I just think mine was not n umb yet, They gave a pill to calm down then two shots in front and two in back and in like three minutes the halo was on…omg…Ill never forget it, the lady before me was as well crying from hers hurting to when they put it on, so I dont know why with some it hurts and with others it dont, now ,it didnt hurt to come off, not at all!!