My pet bird, Peanut, a Red-Lored Amazon… The only female that has been with me since 1985,…LOL

haha I love what u wrote the only female that has been with u since 85 ! we got to love our pets ! they love us so unconditionally :>) my greastest pet love is my Sweetie a very very large German Shephard, I will post her pic for ya :>)


I also have three "pups",...a female corgi,...a male corgi,...and a female border collie.
They belonged to my Lady Nellie,...and when she passed away,...I adopted/inherited them and love them all, they are a loving memory to my Lady.

So sorry to hear your lady passed. no words will make u feel beter so I won't try, but I send you strength . Too funny that I have a border collie too. he is black and white and is also my baby boy. not sure what a corgi is ? got a pic? i will look the breed up :>) thats alright we can never have too much "dog hair" :>)