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Hello in my brain found the AVM, sheet Posted:
There is a large AVM in the right parasagittal subvertical pairetal lobe. The AVM AP Measures 47mm in diameter, on the coronal images it appears to cross the midline in a subfalcine position. A hypertrophied falcine and cortical veins on the right side are present Representing the drainage on the AVM. The arterial supply appears to originate from the CEREBRAL anterior circulation. The AVM is causing Considerable compression of the body of the corpus callosum best appreciated on the sagittal images. No other lenses of Identified in teh brain and extra axial space.
Conclusion: large right parietal supracallosal avm- thats the info letter from hospital
january They told me do my photo brain, can someone expelain me please what happens.
Thanks guys!

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Tomas, My non profesional transtlation of your avm would be this: Toward the top of your brain (not deep), starting in the parietal lobe of your right hemisphere crossing over the coorpus collusom which connects the two halves of our brain. 4.7cm in size, with feeding arteries coming in from the front of brain, possibly deep?, and draining I think superficially? to the cortical veins (cortical is term related to bones, so possibly at the skull level, or it could mean at the cortex, meaning the center, top portion). I am not a doctor, but have quite a bit of experience. My avm is parietal, temporal, occipital lobes of the brain. I think the parietal lobe is one that is more critical than the others in terms of potential side effects if operated on. Just my option,I have lived relatively symptom free with mine for over 40 years now. That is my best guess of what you posted, but your doctor can show you your images and you can see the exact location and determine treatment based on location. Best of luck. Research all you can, but know that aim is NOT a death sentence. Can it kill us? sure. Will it? Nobody knows. Finally, anything you read on this site is not gospel,and should be taken with a grain of salt.(including my interpretation of your report) Many people live their entire lives never knowing they ever had an avm, and technology improves every year. GK