Post craniotomy update!

Brent is now one week out from his most resent craniotomy and is having a lot of problems he didn't have after his first surgery. He has a constant feeling of dizziness and being off balance. His vision beyond about 10 feet is blurry to the point that he cant read the numbers on a clock. He is frustrated because he feels he should be up and going at full speed already and doesn't have the patience to let his body heal. I have had to hide the keys to our vehicles and even our lawn mower to force him to set still. Feel guilty for doing that to him but trying to do what I think is best!

Yeah, keep the keys hid for awhile! I know he is frustrated but it can take over a Year for his brain to heal. You’re doing a great job wrangling all the kiddos along w Brent :slight_smile: try to take a long bath and relax!

headed back to buffalo today… 3 hour drive because he is still very dizzy and his vision isn’t improving they found fluid pooling where they removed the cyst so they wanted check on it and decide if they need to take action :frowning: