Post gamma knife bleed

So I’m sitting here in the hospital.
My 15 yo daughter had gamma knife on 2/23.
On Friday night she started having a tonic clinic seizure ( she’s never had one before) Called an ambulance and the brought her to the hospital.
She has had 5 other seizures since then.
They did a ct Friday night.
Last night they did an MRI and saw that she has had a bleed.
In all the years 15 since we’ve known about the AVM it’s always been stable.
I feel like I’m in over my head. Mashed hysterical. shes feeling so sick - lightheaded , dizzy, nauseous, weak etc etc from all the meds.
I’m waiting on the drs to hear more info about the bleed.
Please send us positive thoughts and prayers until they figure this out.
Gayil’s mom.


Definitely with you all the way!

Hopefully, having hung around here for some time, you know much better that people get through these things. You’ve acted promptly, she’s in the right place and they know what’s happened, so I think it looks a lot, lot better than it could. I also understand that you’ve been through this mill before, for quite a long time!

Lots of love and best wishes from me!



My thoughts are with you and her! Richard is completely correct, prompt action is so important. You being there for her is so important, knowing her history, and being so knowledgable specific to her. That will certainly speed things up and put the Drs in the best possible position for treatment. All things positive being sent! Take Care, John.


Hi Gayilsmom, You definitely have my prayers for your daughter. Sorry she’s had a bleed and so many seizures. Also, if there’s anything else I can do, don’t hesitate to ask. Best wishes, Greg

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I hope everything turned out to the good side.
Can you be clear if the bleeding was post Gamma Knife or before?