Pretty in Pink!

Hello my lovely AVMers!

It's been a while since I've posted an update. I've still been making my monthly trips to Denver and feel like we are on the right course. Everything is going well so I've just been plugging along, staying busy and trying to live life to the fullest.

January was the easiest trip yet. I had the early check in at 5:30 (which I love!) and met a very cute little girl Emma who was in for her first embo. She was happy and giggling pre-op which is such a change from the kids who are normally so scared and crying. That was a nice start for everyone that day. Her laughter brightened the mood for sure. And to top it off, I had my super cozy blanket that Camellia made for me. Cuddled up with that pre & post op! They let me keep it with me and just moved it out of the way during treatment. They love me! I think at this point I just may get special treatment :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a great treatment. Easy-peasy! So much so that in post-op I seriously had to wonder for a moment if I actually had an embo :slight_smile: But I did, lots of coils (29) and only 3 cc’s of alcohol this time. Totally not the norm for me, but it’s fine. My wonderful post-op nurse Rose was there to take care of me and then eventually boot me out for patients that needed actual “care” instead of just hanging out for the 4 hours due to the angio. Didn’t need any pain meds, and also because I was less swollen than normal, I got the much smaller steroid pack! Yay!

Been home for over a week, and no complaints at all. Still totally need to update my personal website and blog…I’m such a slacker! But I’m forgiven, right? :wink:


That’s funny because before I read your post, I looked at the photos and thought the bottom close up must have been taken BEFORE your treatment since you didn’t look as swollen as usual! How awesome that you got a little break from the post op ordeal! Yay for small blessings!
The gown is a beauty and matching slippers, I see! And the blanket looks SO cozy and pretty-what a great idea.
I can’t believe you have to have an angio every month when you have this done…omg.
Good job, Shalon. Hang in there bravest girl EVERRRRRRRRRR.

And a matching hat? Ha, that’s awesome.

I chated with you just this month . I did just start this site…This webb site is what I needed. Your words are so positive ,It is refreshing.To know there are people going through the same stuff ,has given me the strength back…to continue these surgs. sometimes makes you mentally week. Thank you for showing me your strength !!!

Joy- I know, I was like a super model this trip! :wink: And thanks, I have to say that little Emma was about the bravest one there this time though. What a trooper she was.
Ben- Oh, I’ve got all the accessories! A girl has to look good, even at the hospital! And I’m just waiting for my skulls material to arrive and will have a gown with your name on it :slight_smile:
Alice- you are very welcome! That’s why I love this little corner of the internet. We have a great AVM family here, with so many people to help us through our tough times. At some point it is what we ALL need. I am thrilled that I’ve been able to help you even a little :slight_smile:

I love your spirit and your outfits! xoxo