Prolong Therapy

Ive had surgery once to remove my AVM and Gamma Knife Radiation twice since then because of risidual. After all of this there is still something there. I might have to have surgery AGAIN. Anyone have a long history like this where they can’t seem to get rid of it?

I don’t have a history to talk about, but when I saw the surgeon he was talking as if he may not get it all the first time. I don’t like the way he sounded and he is an expert in Philadelphia. He teaches all over. If I need surgery, I believe he is the right guy to do it.
I will be seeing him soon, I have a lot of questions and I may opt out of surgery for something less invasive. When I get my new scan, I hope it is not as bad as the scans that were taken right after the bleed on 12-12-08.
I started a forum asking if anyone had opted out of surgery, so far no one has replied.
To answer your question, I have heard from my surgeon that there is a chance that I may need surgery more than once if they can’t get it all the first time and I have read about people who had to have surgery more than once.


Ameenah I never had a choice about opting out of anything.
Brain exploded. Choices were-try or die. I had embos, craniotomy and gamma. Seems to have worked. As of about three years ago my ct showed “no new remarkable” post-op changes. Ask your questions and get your answers. These are difficult decisions and the neuros expertise might help you decide.

Hi Marianne,

I have a list of questions prepared, I will be seeing the doctor soon.
My AVM stopped bleeding on its own. As I wrote in my forum, I have so many things going on
that could have made the AVM bleed. You are right though, talking to the doctor who is an expert will probably help a lot.