How do you feel psychologically especially for those that are cured how do you feel after all.For example i was cured with ‘strange’ way after bleeds operations swelling of the brain ICU came back from dead and sometimes when i think of everything even the fact that i didn’t understand anything i feel kind of melancholy.It’s quite strange how i feel for example i don’t know sometimes it’s…of course maybe the fact that my right temporal lobe was removed in my case it makes it kinda difficult.

I feel joy and happiness that I am here! Before surgery I felt scared and on edge, but that has gone away and left me with a new found joy and appreciation of life and where I am and how far I have come. I have always been happy and upbeat even though I never thought I would live to see my 30th birthday, but it increased 10 fold when I knew my life would continue and I would see my children grow into the great men I know they will be.

i also feel joy appreciation happiness but sometimes i am confused!

Confusion is something I feel at times, but then I sit think of what I have overcome and then my mind calms and I am able to put things back into perspective.

almost something like strange.i sometimes also feel fear! what we overcome i cannot understand where i found the strength after 1 year and all what happened to me to start a master degree and finish it quicker and ‘better’ than others.

at first, when i came out the hospital…i was very scared…couldnt sleep alone…kept thinkin it was gonna bleed again (irrationally, cause everything was removed)…now, 7 months later, I feel grateful for a second chance and also confused, why me? why am i fine when other people have serious deficits due to their avms(i have no damage at all, except my smile is a little crooked) They said I should have died, and even though I am not religious I feel like there must be some greater purpose or reason why I ma still alive. i also feel strong, for what I’ve been through. And a little depressed, cause i have had this damn headache for 7 months

Hi Nikolaos,

I feel very lucky that I got through my surprise AVM experience with relatively little difficulty, but I also feel sad that there are others who have not been so fortunate. I also feel like I’ve entered a world that very few people know about.

But at this very moment I’m enjoying the Memorial Day weekend and hope you are as well.

Take care,