Radiation necrosis

Anyone dealing or dealt with radiation necrosis induced hemiparesis? I had right fronto parietal avm treated with embolization followed by srs. 6-8 months later,i had recurrent headaches and double vision. After hospitalisation, i am on tapering dexamethasone 1.5 mg per day but this has led to left paresis since a month with difficulty speaking out loud and flat effect(i am guessing that is because right hemisphere is affected). There is also minimal left facial weakness. I cannot write,type or do fine motor movements. My neurosurgeon is not inclined towards HBOT. He says that i should be fine soon but i am losing hope .Anyone facing the same issue who recovered?

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I did not have to deal with radiation necrosis following gamma knife, and am really sorry to hear about your challenges. If you search radiation necrosis by using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner there are a number of threads. You may find some helpful experiences and information there. Take Care, John.

I’m sorry to learn about your experience. I too had necrosis - that resolved after 10 painful days. The balance issues and dizziness also subsided. Magnesium, Topimate and Mezicline helped as well with Motrin (anti inflammatory).

Best of luck! Everyone is different; however, there is an end in sight.

Following because my daughter is also going through this. She’s now 9 months post gamma knife.
Drs said her deterioration has nothing to with the gamma knife???!!!
I don’t know how we’re meant to bring her for the next round after seeing what happened the first time.

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Any updates??