Radiation or surgery?

Hi everyone I was at my nuerosurgeon office yesterday and was told I have 3 options for my avm cure 1: ignore it which I know I can’t 2: radiation and 3: surgery I would like to know if any of u had any of these and how was ur outcome and side effects thanks

Hi Elly, I was offered 3 choices as well either ignore it, have surgery or embolization. I chose surgery and the surgery did not fix anything so now Im going back for the embolization option.
Did they offer you embolization as an option at all?

He said emboli action right before surgery …what went wrong with the surgery if I may ask?

And did u have any side affects from the surgery?

With my surgery they just wanted to put titanium clips on the fistula to stop it but even after they clipped it off it did not stop.
It has grown more and spread further so the surgery was a complete waste of time and money for me and none of the symptoms got any better after surgery either.
I had no side effects from surgery apart from a sore head where they sliced it open. But where they cut open got all infected about a week after surgery from my hair rubbing on it but antibiotics fixed that up.
Good luck with yours, hope it all goes well for you.

Thanks very much!! I hope u find a. Use for yours too I will pray to god for you…did they shave ur head with the surgery?

Hey Elly!! I had the same options last year. For me, I chose to have my avm removed. Fortunately my avm was in the right frontal lobe and close to the skull. I was in the hospital one night. I did really good after my surgery. I was out of work for 1 1/2 weeks then went back part time. I know that I was very blessed and very lucky. I would say depending on where the avm is will help you decide what to do. I am in SC and my surgery was at MUSC. Good Luck!!!