Radiation twice?

I’m looking for anyone who’s had a similar situation.

Here’s the “short version” of the background
2008 - (June) AVM discovered, (July) Angio, Embolization, (August) Embolization, (Sept) Crainiotmy (hemorage during surgery), (Nov) Angio, Crainiotomy, (AVM gone/ then just kidding - all in 24 hrs) Crainiotom
2009 - (April) Angio (gone), (Dec) Angio (just kidding, it’s back)
2010 - (Feb) Gamma Knife Radiation, (Aug) CT (AVM gone)
2011 - (Aug) Angio (and it’s back)

We’ve been on this rollercoster since June of 2008 of my husband’s AVM and we’ve be told now 3 times that it’s gone only to have a repeat imaging show otherwise. My husband is very reluctant to pursue further treatment after the 3 crainiotomies, 4 embolizations, radiation therapy, and over 100 doctor’s appointments. He had an angiogram this past Monday (we’ll know more next week once all the doctor’s discuss his case) and the AVM is back with a new feeder and not everything was zapped by Radiation. His Interventional Radiologist thinks that another embolization and another round of Radiation should work.

Has anyone had the radiation twice? Or have new feeders keep popping up after the AVM’s been removed?

Hi Sara. You might want to join this sub-group…
I have seen other members on here with reoccurring problems with The Beast (AVM). Your husband truly is a survivor!