Can anyone recommend a good Radiosurgeon? Someone who can perform a Stereotactic Surgery (SRS) or Gamma Knife procedure preferably in the NY NJ area? After my last surgery being that I went in to cardiac arrest I think I’m going to try Radiosurgery before a craniotomy. My doctors agree.

We just loved the team at Univeristy of Pittsburgh Medical Center, namely Dr. L. Dade Lunsford. My daughter had gamma knife there 6/07. They referred us to “Family Center” which is sort of like a bed & breakfast for patients. 3 of us stayed there for $40/night total and they provided transportation to/from the hospital. Google Dr. Lunsford or try the UPMC website. He’s VERY knowledgable and skilled. I can’t even begin to go into his lengthy credentials.

Hi, I had my Embos/Gamma Knife at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. They were great! My neurosurgeon was Dr. Robert Solomon, my vascular neurologist (for embos) was Dr. Levine and my Radiation oncologist was Dr. Isaacson. I had my gamma knife in 2004 and it was confirmed that it was obliterated 3 years later. It was a pretty large AVM that they shrunk with embolizations before doing the GK. If you have any questions about them don’t hesitate. Good luck