Reading suggestions?


Most of you are aware that my 10-year-old has has three craniotomies due to her AVM. The first time was a rupture/hemorrhage that nearly took her life. We spent 6 hours not knowing if she would live and another week with her in critical condition.

I am trying to reduce the stress in my life. I am working on getting out to get exercise.

When I hear stores about people battling for life, when I hear about the insurance company battles for coverage, when my heart sinks with every headache or dizzy spells, these things can bring me to tears in an instant. I tried to see a therapist. I just can’t find someone who can see me when I have time and on a regular basis. I have decided to tackle this on my own.

Does anybody know of any books or other sources of support?


Tina, this might help you and is available in most bookstores (at least it was):

Best wishes,
Ron, KS