Recent follow up angio shows AVM still remains

I had a follow up angiogram last week after my consultant recommended it following being given the all clear in March after about 5 goes at embolisation, as a different doctor did that angiogram and they didn't pick up on the small remaining area of the AVM.

The consultant is going to discuss it further next week in a meeting but my options as it stands are craniotomy which appeals due to it being an instant cure, gamma knife or possibly leaving it to see if it goes on its own. Embolisation is no longer an option as he cannot see a pathway in to remove the last remaining vessels of AVM.

Has anyone else has a similar experience or give any advice on the above treatments?

Thanks AVM'ers.

Well, I can’t give advice but I can tell you that I’m going in for embolization for a second time on the 19th. I just had it done 7-1-16, but while they were there they found another one. They couldn’t get to it because they ran out of time as I began to bleed from my femoral artery. I am hoping this is it but the realization is that it may not be. Craniotomy is not an option for me as mine are deep next to my vision center with drainage. At this point even it were an option I’m not sure I would choose craniotomy over gamma knife (which I still may have to do) but it’s all a matter of circumstance. I’m 48 with 2 children, 9 and 12…and for me a craniotomy would be very traumatizing for them. I’m trying to keep as many things normal for them as possible. If I were young with no children I may look at things differently. I can tell you that I think we all want this behind us faster than it can happen. Only advice I can give is weigh all your options and get medical opinions and as much info from doctors as possible, that’s the only way to know what’s right for you. Sorry about your struggle, I’ll be praying for you. God bless.


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I get Embolisation and didn't work, after that I get Gamma Knife and didn't work, after they try different ways they finished with and Open Head and that work even that the recovery took time!!!!

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