Recovering fingers and other soft motor functions

Hi guys, how many of you here are hemiplegic on the left side? it’s been six years since my rupture and I’ve made good progress on my legs, I can walk on my own unassisted and my left arm is also better but my fingers are still clenched at times. Have any of you here made full recovery on their fingers and can grab stuff with them with a good grip strength? I can grab stuff but the strength is still lacking and I always drop things involuntarily. If you have recovered your figers, cab you give me some pointers on what exercises you do and how long did it take you to recover them? Thanks


I had sclerotherapy in my left arm in like 2014 and my progress has also been slow. i’ve found that massaging my tendons helps to increase my mobility. for me, it’s rly concentrated in my pinky - my uncle (whose a GP) suggested I could try putting an elastic around my thumb & pinky and then practice stretching out my fingers; it’s so hard but i think it’s strengthening things. I’m considering seeing a local massage therapist who specializes in post-op recovery.

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Great topic @Sam2307 !

So I had my injury 7 almost 8 years so far, I’m improving but still on the journey in-route to learning how to step & walk. I guess you guys might have a better explanation as to (1) why when I’m normally laying on my back or in a chair my legs, left arm/hand & hips are involuntarily moving? I try to be an optimist and say it’s helping meanwhile the spasticity feels like its slowing my progress. (2) secondly, I wonder if things like botox really helps for spasticity along exercises-treatments recovering finger-hand function again?

THIS IS A GREAT TOPIC! I’m hemiplegia on the left side just like you!

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Does massage helps reduce spasticity? I’m doing the same things to my fingers but the effects are usually temporary and they become spastic again afterward, what about you? are you experiencing the same?

Have you considered visiting a neurological occupational therapist?
My daughter sees on to help her strengthen fine motor skills.

I actually did a bit of occupational therapy at the outpatient clinic. I had to grab things with my fingers and move them from place to place on a table but the grip of my fingers isn’t that good, they have weak strength on holding on to things. I would normally drop things after a couple of minutes of holding. What about Kinesio taping? have you ever heard of it r tried it?