Recovering with the help of four legged friends

When I came back home from the hospital after my
AVM and bleed in 2002, I was greeted by my human family
and also my two dogs. Reen was a sheltie and Sadie was a mix and when I arrived home I sat on the stoop outside our house and the dogs were ushered outside where they seemed to stare
at me in disbelief. Was I their friend, and owner who they had not seen in two months? Reen sniffed all my hospital
wounds and then sat down as if to say that OK, you are
a real mess, but we will do our best to bring you back.
Sadie licked my hand.

As the days went by I slept often and one day I noticed
Reen sleeping on the rug in my room even though my
daughter was asking the dogs to go on a walk, their
greatest joy. She would not go, but stayed to guard me.
Another time my wife helped me to wash my hair and I told
Reen not to let any other relatives in the bathroom door
and she obeyed. They inspired me to keep trying and come
back so I could take care of them. Today, we have a new generation of dogs that also keep me going. People who have been through what we have need all the help we can get!

John, thank you for posting this memory of recovery with the help of your dogs. We have 3 cats and they have been an important part of my own recovery. Actually, I remembered when I was "coming back to consciousness" after my 1st AVM burst in May of 2011, I was confused as to how many cats we had and how my husband and I would take care of all of them. Now, that memory is a funny one to me and really I have said to others that the cats don't care how I move as long as they are fed and their litter boxes are usable; I can manage those things!

Hi John,

I'm glad you are doing better and thanks for the story. I enjoyed every word of it. :)

My mom got me a dog for when I got out if the hospital-4 mos after my AVM rupture. Serendipity was to help regain my walking and talking abilities. She sleeps with me every night. I walk her, talk to her and love her every day. I forget lots if things but never my responsibilities to her. I am lucky to be alive and so happy my mom knew how to help me