Recovery from AVM removal surgery?

My 13 year old daughter is having a surgery to remove a smaller AVM from her right occipital lobe on Monday. Can anyone share their experiences on recovery?

Hello therapy4!

I had an AVM removed this time last year and remember being extremely tired and in pain right as I got out of the OR. She will probably want to sleep alot which is normal ( my friend who also had her avm removed warned me about this as well ) Recovery takes time, remind her to be patient with herself. Even though its already been a year for me, I still feel that im still healing and am still bruised on some parts of my face.

Good luck and best wishes with everything! Keep us posted :)


I am not able to comment on that therapy4, but perhaps you can check out our group for parents too and post there if you have not done so already. There very well could be some differences in the healing process for teenagers. Best of luck with the surgery on Monday and please let us know how it goes for your daughter. Below is the link for you to join the Parents group for children with AVMS. It doesn't appear that you have joined that group as of yet.

I have a 2cm AVM in my left occipital lobe and it’s fairly deep. We have started embolization but they had to stop because of some blood loss from my femoral artery where they went in. It is scheduled to be finished Aug. 19 th. I know that’s not removal of it but they can’t get to mine to remove it. I can say I agree with Monica. Patience is key. I have headaches and am exhausted at times but I just had surgery July 1st. I would love to be able to go back to work ASAP but for me that’s not realistic right now. Hopefully things go well in August and I’ll be back to work before Christmas. If it’s later than that so be it, at least I can talk and walk after my original bleed. I am alive and happy☀️… I will pray for her

Wishing your daughter and you the best for tomorrow with surgery and a speedy recovery. So from my family(12 year old daughter, 10 year old son) to yours, sending positive thoughts and prayers, we will be thinking of you folks.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences, and for your good wishes! I will update after her surgery tomorrow. It will be a long surgery, but after the long waiting period after her bleed, we are glad to move forward! Thank you!

Hoping for the best outcome for your daughter’s surgery. My son had short duration speech and physio therapy scheduled as early as 3 days after surgery in the hospital. He was reluctant at first because he was sore but I think those therapies helped speed up his recovery. He was also playing computer games and Nintendo games as soon he could. His peripheral vision was affected. It may be a good idea to get her vision checked. All the best!

It’s a long road that takes patience & strength, but being positive & having the support from family will make the journey much easier and quicker…it’s never easy or short as its major surgery but she will get there… God bless!

Hi just wanted to report that my daughter Rachel’s surgery went great! All the AVM is out and she is home from hospital sooner than expected. Surgery was Monday and she was home Friday. Some mild headaches and of course tiredness. She will recover at home for a month and redo angiogram in a month. Thankfully no deficits from surgery- she has a 30 percent left peripheral vision loss from before with the bleed but nothing new. Thank you for all the kind words!

That is fantastic news! Thanks so much for passing along, all the best to your daughter, you and family! Take Care.

That is absolutely great news… So happy for you!!! Your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless☀️

That’s great news & good to hear all went well… God bless!

Great news! My son also had surgery on July 22 and is doing well. Did she get any fevers post op? He’s developed one now 10 days later

That’s wonderful news. My son also had his removed on July 22 and is doing well. Did she by chance develop a fever after coming off the steroids? My son has a fever now that came on 10 days post op. Surgeon says its normal but it worries me

I had surgery to remove my AVM on my right temporal lobe in 2006, at Mayo Clinic. The surgery was a success in the AVM was gone but when I woke up, I couldn’t talk. I had about 6 months of speech therapy to regain my speech. There was a risk of that because of where my AVM was located in my brain. You have to have confidence in the surgeon and hospital. I did…: although I was left with the speech issue. Best of luck.