Reilly's Surgery!

Hi Jill
Look forward to your update. I hope everything’s going OK.

Thinking of you!


Just checked to see if there were any updates on Reilly…still praying for you guys.
I know she is in good hands so may God bless you all in this turbulent time.

I want some news from Reilly. I am sure everything went well. Thinking about you always!! God Bless.

Thinking of you and Reilly, hope things are going well. Looking forward to your update-until then I will be praying for you both!
Your friend,

Hi Reillys mom, hope Reilly is doing well and up and around soon. I just got home from there, it’s hot. Sending Angel light and love to you and your family…d

Hey Jill
Hope all is good at your end, thinking off you all. Amanda

I cannot stop thinking about Reilly. Did she mention the hospital they would be?

I’ve been worried too! Has anyone heard from Jill?

yeah surgery was sckeduled for around 5/6 May, hope all is well.