Reilly's Surgery!

Reilly’s surgery is set for May 5th & 6th… it is sooner than we thought it would be, and I have mixed emotions. Glad that it will be over and done with, BUT I will be missing out on my little sister’s college graduation (sad face), she is graduating w/ double major from LMU in Los Angeles, and will be moving to Spain for a masters program this summer! After her graduation, all of my sisters (and spouses) and my parents were going down to our house in Mexico to celebrate. I haven’t seen all of my sisters in one place in over two years (hard since we are actually really close). I asked if we could move the surgery out a week… but it isn’t an option, since they are booked until end of June or early July.
Again… I guess good news w/ AVM has to be accompanied by bad.

Thanks for all of your continued thoughts and prayers!!

Wow…it’s coming up fast! As always, I’ll be praying for Reilley! Congratulations to your little sister. Maybe they could come see Reilley as part of the celebration???

I know you wanted to be there for your sisters grad but try looking on the plus, Reilly getting treatment sooner rather than later.
I don’t know how far away from the house in Mexico your home is but maybe some of the family will drop by and make it a double celebration for Reilly and your sister.
I hope all and keep us posted, I will keep you all in my prayers.

Hi Jill, I am really glad Reilly will be treated soon. The sooner the better. Don´t worry about missing your sister graduation, as a family you will have lots of other happy moments to get together. I will mark on my calendar and pray for Reillys, everything will be fine. I know the mixed emotions you are talking about. Get strong and positive. Lots of love to all. Hugs to Reilly. xxx

Hi Jill,
So glad to hear that Reilly’s surgery is scheduled sorry it will cause you to miss a graduation but we can’t trade our health for ANYTHING and I am sure your sisters will understand and send their prayers too! Let us know how your little angel does…blessings.

Aaaarrrggghhh! I can’t believe how fast it is approaching! I am sooo nervous! The doctor’s are super hesitant to give any kind of recovery time estimate. Can anyone shed some light on what recovery time we may be looking at just for the embolization? I got a note for two weeks for my work… but that was like pulling teeth, and it was stressed that it was an “estimate”. I’m not quoting anyone… just looking for an idea???

Hi Jill
think i was out hospital couple of days after my embolisation. think all diff but Reilly got youth and a loving mommy onn her side, i can’t se it being long but trust bloody doctors not to even give you an idea Grrr
Take care and I will pray for you all. x

Things happen for a reason. Just remember that God won’t give you anything that you can’t handle. I’m sure that your sister understand. Just be thankful that she is able to have surgery. This is something that I am still learning, but "We need to be thankful for what we have and can do, and not dwell on the things that we don’t have or can’t do. I’m sad that you are going to miss your sister’s grad. Maybe someone can record it for you. I know it’s not the same but at least you’ll be able to see it. I will be praying for Reilly and her surgery. And strength & peace for you and your family. I will pray that she will recover faster than what they are expecting. I did. So it is possible! Have Faith & Believe in Miracles! God Bless You!

Thoughts and prayers are with you guys, keep us posted if you can or when you can!

Dear Jill, I am thinking abou you, I am sure everything will be all right. Doctos will be able to embolize all. Be strong my friend. We need to be strong for our kids. God Bless. We look foward for the good news next week. Love to all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We will be praying for you Monday and Tuesday…please just update us as you can. I have never know anyone who has done embolization so I can’t speak to the time off -recovery time…It took me 2-3 weeks from crainotomy so that was adult healing…remember kids heal faster than adults so God will heal her quickly.
Blessings, Karen

I am praying for Reilly, It will go great and she will start to heal, god bless your family, let us know how it went as soon as your up to it, Caroline

Good luck! I will be praying for Reilly and you, and thinking of you both all the time. Sending hugs!

I’m sitting here, praying for Reilly. I hope everything is going well. I can’t wai to hear from you!

Just a note to say your both in my thoughts and prayers today!

Now you can not complain about the sugery date. It is your daughter right.

Praying for you n Reilly!!

Today is one of the days,thinking of you all.
Blessings, Karen

I am praying for Reily. Things will be just fine!

Good morning, Jill! Just thinking of you and praying for Reilly.