Residual Pain?

I have a question for all of you who had surgery to correct your malformation–Do any of you have any headaches? Specifically cluster headaches? I’ve noticed mine are occurring more frequently; of course I now take birth control pills, maybe that has something to do with it? Just wanted some of you to weigh in, especially the ladies.

Hormones might be a big part of the onset of your headaches. I started to keep a diary of everything I did, when I slept, for how long, how I felt when I woke up, what I ate, what my stress levels were for the day. Anything and everything that might show me a pattern of how I feel and what effects it. I have been very lucky and haven’t had a headache since the pain from surgery went away. Well I shouldn’t say not at all, but I can get rid of it with a normal dose of Tylenol. I personally think my diary has helped me keep track of things and it also helps my neurologist observe my recovery without seeing me every day. I hope you find relief. Babies and life don’t work with headaches that stop you in your tracks.


Yep, I think it is more of a hormone thing…I would so love a mom again:). Regarding documenting my headaches, I’ve been keeping a diary now for a while. I was hoping someone could offer me good news, maybe some other woman survivor that has gone through what I’ve been through; these headaches are extreme; I suffer from cluster headaches. When I get one, there is no relief; the pain comes in like tidal waves! You know, I’ve never considered exercise, maybe that little walk might do some good. I do have a dog that loves to walk! Thank you Jamie, I really value your input.