Results of radiostatic surgery

Camille had radiostatic surgery for her AVM in Jan. 2007 and at the year mark there was no change in the AVM.I know it takes three years to work but we kinda expected some kind of change. I also know that they can repeat after 3 years. So I’m just wondering what to expect as far as seeing a change. Also Camille had a epsiode in Feb. that has been considered a TIA (or a small blood clot) which they think the AVM may have caused- has anyone else had anything like this happen?

I had gamma and was told it was very unpredictable regarding when the avm would begin responding to the radiation. It will work, just be patient - although I know it’s easier said than done.

Gamma, Feb 07

Hello Amber,

Well I would say if they hit it that is good. If they do not see any changes with it they should hit her again maybe two or three years after. I have been hit three times. Once bye the proton machine in Boston and two gamma knifes. And ah well the 5cm is still in my head for my whole life. My Dr. or neurosugeon had told me that if it doesn’t bleed again I will be just fine. Because it may have just strengthened the vessels. Which was a gasp of air, but I have to agree with him. I have been shot three times and my memory is kind of shaky… But you know how that goes. I remember to come to work almost every day that I have too. Ah well… Take it easy and take care of that girl…