Right frontal lobe AVM

I had seizure at my age of 18, i took MRI, doctor told me that nothing to worry and advised me to take eptoin tablet for 3 years after that i did not have seizure around 8 years after that i had seizure many times during the night time only again i consulted doctor and he tlod the same and i took tablet agin around one year. december 28 2011 morning i had headache, my wife admitted me in the hospital,my wife showed my old MRI reports to the docotors then they found the AVM from the old report,
then i undergone surgery it was suceeded i struggled 2 months then i recovered, november 20 2012 i had seizure again the dotor told me that because of the scar i had seizure it may come any time in my life time. is it true? can i get seizure during my life time again?


Some people who have AVMs can have seizures before they are treated, some have no seizures before, but can have them afterwards, and some never have seizures. There is no hard and fast rule.

I am not familiar with the medicine you stated, but there are many anti-seizure medications available. It is trial and error to find which one controls seizures and has no or little side effects. My wife for example, will be on tegretol for the rest of her life. Her AVM is gone, but she has abnormal electrical activity in her brain, so she can still have seizures.

An EEG test will show if you have abnormal electrical activity in your brain. I would guess that you need to be on an anti-s medication all the time, but I'm not a doctor.

Best wishes,
ron, KS

Hi Ron,
Thank for your reply.I am uder medication only eventhough i had seizure. do we have any doctor in our group?

Hi Mahendravarman,

The best and short answer is NO, there are no doctors in our group. None of us should take anything we read here as official medical advice. Most, if not all of us have EXPERIENCES with AVMs and other ailments as a result of having it or having a friend or loved one that has it. But that in no way suggests anything other than individual OPINIONS, not sound medical advice.

Oftentimes, members read a post and suggest that the member should consult their doctor, and that is generally great advice.

Having said all that, there might be some doctors that monitor this site, but if there are, and they respond, it would be only as offering an opinion, just like any of the rest of us.

Hope this helps.
Ron, Kansas

My son had a right frontal lobe avm which bled in 2007. After two craniotomies to remove it he started having small seizures. Four years trying to control it by medicines and no positive answers. Now he will have an epipelsy surgery to remote the problematic scar tissue.

Hey, I was a bit different since my seizures didnt start till after my injury, but yes, you can. Any kind of scar tissue in the brain can cause them. I was offered surgery as well, but I think I’m going to exhaust other medications first.

The thing is that ANYONE with Abnormal Electric Activity in the brain can have a seizure:( There are many medicines to control this, it’s just a matter of getting the right one and the right dose. It can be a scary ordeal for many, as I am dealing with this situation with my 19year old son, there is nothing like carrying around the fact that you may have a seizure again. Always consult your physician. hope this helps!!!

JJ’s mom