Ringing in the Ears AFTER Surgery/Embolization?

Hello everyone. I have an interesting situation in that my Dural AVF was successfully treated by embolization just over a year ago. My doctors didn't even schedule any more follow-ups. They declared me cured. I now work out regularly and I have never felt better. BUT, I just started to experience a high-pitched ringing in my ears that is pretty much constant.

A little additional history: I have bradycardia, meaning that my pulse at rest is usually below 60 ... typically mine is around 50 - 55.

I have no symptoms other than ringing in my ears. I sleep well, I have a good appetite, etc.

Any thoughts?


I have no idea. Have you seen a good ENT doctor? Please keep us posted!

Right after my embolization surgery, I could hear the blood flow and pulse in my ears. But, it went away in 1 year post embolization. Have you checked with your docs if it is related to embolization or if it is regular Tinnitus?

Yes I have had it on and off most of my adult life. It's called Tinnitus.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE5fIoveLoM

Hi John..I've had ringing in my ears for years, even before my brain bleed, so I don't have an answer for you. I would check with your doctor tho.

Thanks, all. I know I should see a doctor, but after last year, I think I will just ride it out for a while. I just wanted to know if anyone had thoughts regarding whether it may be related to my treatment (embo). I tend to think it isn't. I have bilateral tinnitis and it never stops. Ever! It's always there. I did read that low blood pressure can be a cause. I definitely have that. Thanks again. I'll let you know if I get it checked out.

Well my case 0r experienced is...When I had my baby 1/2008 my blood press got elevated couple weeks later....I started with a ringing on my right ear and on 11/08 my avm bleed....my neurologist said that one of the avm symptom is the ringing on the ear which is call tinnitus and 4/2009 i had my craniotomy done up to today the ringing has not stopped i had to learned how to lived with it....Sometimes is loud
it...Up to the point that I was getting headaches...Well that is my experienced...Good luck my friend...

My ears started the ringing after my second embo. That's been over a year now and the ringing is still there. I went to an eNT and the Army did a hearing test and said nothing is wrong. But, this ringing is driving me crazy.

Thanks, Pamela. Did the ringing start right after your second embo, or was there some lag time?
My ears were fine for almost a year after my embo. Now the ringing is constant. I went to a good ENT and had my hearing checked. I have significant hearing loss and much worse in my right ear. So, I am having an MRI on Friday.

Almost immediately after. When I went to the Army ENT they detected no hearing loss. Please keep us posted.