Seizure after surgery?

was just wondering if any of you have had a mild seizure a few days after crainiotomy even if you had never had one before? And has it ever happened again even while on medication?

Hi there. I went through the Gamma Knife procedure for my AVM, and about seven months later, I experienced a seizure. I'm not sure how mild it was. Before it happened, I remember feeling really lightheaded fifteen minutes before, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in an ambulance. According to the doctors, I was unconscious for about twenty minutes. I remember sleeping a lot during the next three days. The doctors prescribed Keppra for me after being discharged. I haven't had a seizure since.

Have you experienced any seizures after your operation?

Hi Kevin. Are you okay???

I think it's pretty common. Some people just have a seizure or two in the early days because surgery irritates the brain, some take antiepileptic meds for a while just to be safe, and others stay on antiepileptic meds after a craniotomy because they're likely to have more seizures.

If your doctor decides to put you on antiepileptics, make sure you ask to see an epileptologist (a seizure specialist); regular neurologists and neurosurgeons don't have as much knowledge about seizures and antiepileptic meds.

Hi JH. Were you listening to my conversation with my husband a few minutes ago? He said almost the same thing! Great advice!

Hi Kevin, I had 3 Grand Mel seizures after surgery. I don't remember anything from them, probably because they were waking me up from being in a coma for a couple of weeks....remembering my AVM was 6.5x3.4cms and they had to take out some good tissue. No seizures since as I am now on 2000cm of Keppra daily.

As with everyone, we are all different and I am so happy for you that you are doing so well. Thoughts and prayers as always Kevin. Keep up the good work!!

Hi Kevin - It is now 2 months after my craniotomy and i have not had a seizure (mind you, i didn't have one before the op either). I'll be on my meds for the next 12 months.... Good luck. Cheers, Bianca

Hi Kevin
My daughter, about your age, had a very small post-surgical seizure and was prescribed dilantin for 6 months. About 4 months after coming off, she had a grand mal and is now back on dilantin for a year. According to her surgeon, statistically, if she has another grand mal, she may need to be on it for life. It’s a wait-and see situation. But there are worse things than being on anti-seizure meds. Hopefully your recovery is going well, It’s best to bear in mind that everyone recovers differently after craniotomy. Stay strong and stay well.


I had several focal seizures during the first three weeks after gamma. They have relaxed now. No seizures before and no meds now I’m just paying attention. Brain doc told me to listen to my body instead of pushing past exhaustion