Seizure meds?

I had a bleed and surgery 2 years ago and immediately following my surgery I was put on Dilantin for 3 months as a preventative measure for seizure. I ended up having a grand mal seizure 14 mos after my surgery and have been on Dilantin for a year now and seizure free during that time, but I sitched Neuros and my new doc is switching me to Keppra,and it is like cruel and unusual punishment...tired, moody and very down in the dumps, and I am only on half of the dose this week. nest week it doubles. Has anyone been through the switch like this or been on Keppra for any length of time? I am seriously considering calling and seeing if I can juststay on the Dilantin..

i, too, had my surger almost 2 years ago,march 2009, but no bleed. had my first seizure which was grand mal in june of 2009. i was on keppra (generic), but still seized. so my doc put me on keppra (i think keppra xr) it’s the name brand and it’s time release. i was on the max dose. i went trough mood swings…hallucination…heard things that weren’t there…thought my family members were after me… i had the “in some rare cases” side effects. it got so bad, i ended up in the er couple of time. my doctor weaned me off, and put me on depakote. that transtion was not fun either. being on keppra and what you are going through is theside effect of keppra. the longer you’re on it and higher the dosage, your side effects will get more intense. that’s how it was for me. i’m still in the testing phase with my meds. tell your doc that keppra may not be it. i’m currectly on depakote and vimpat, but weaning off of depakote. vimpat SEEMS to be working for me…but i don’t want to speak too soon. my doc said vimpat is a new drug, SOnot TOO much is known about it. however out of the 5 or 6 that i’ve tried so far, vipat is so far so good.

I have never taken Dialntin, but did take Depakote for many year before switching to Keppra. I’ve now been taking Keppra for a couple years and find it to be a drastic improvement. The first couple weeks after switching I did feel depressed, tired, and generally ‘blah,’ but that faded fairly quickly after and now I feel great. Keppra, in general, tends to have fewer side-effects and is pretty safe in comparison to some other drugs.
Of course, everyone’s reactions to prescriptions are different, but I would suggest giving it some time for your body to adjust and see if your side effects level out. I’m very happy I waited it out personally.