Seizures 2 years after gamma knife

My daughter (age 14) has recently had a seizure which has come out of the blue more than two years after gamma knife surgery which successfully obliterated her ruptured cerebellar AVM. Can any give me some info on seizures. This is very new to us and we were actually on holiday in australia when she had a grand mal seizure and ended up in the ER on New year’s eve in Brisbane. We are yet to visit our gp to follow this up as only just arrived back in the UK today. She had a ct at the ST to rule out haemorrhage and recovered fully after about an hour. Can anyone help with info on what we can expect re investigations or tests and long term consequences?

Sorry to hear that about your daughter but I’m confident the system we have in Australia would of helped you a lot with what occurred and you were in good hands…it’s unfortunate timing etc but now your back home I would strongly suggest you see a neurologist ASAP to see if medication is required and also see if an EEG test is required… God bless!

Hello my daughter had gamma knife and have the same problems she started having seizures 2 years after and is now on anti epilepsy medicine it’s so hard and so scary to watch do you no if the seizures will ever go away ? I’m hoping my daughter will grow out of it x

I would encourage you to speak with the doctor who’s treating your daughter’s seizures about this. One of the questions that I would probably ask is whether the seizures are beginning in the part of the brain where the gamma knife was done.

There’s a certain percentage of people in the general population who will develop a seizure disorder with no prior “damage” to the brain. For those people, seizures might go away over time, once the brain has been given sufficient time to get out of the habit of irregular electrical activity.

Are her seizures well controlled on medication?

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