Seizures and driving

does anyone still get seizures and how do you get around maybe a moped

Chari couldn’t drive for nearly a year due to seizures, and later about 4 months due to ankle surgery.

Depending on your situation/location, you might try:

Public Transportation if available. Our city now has an on-call bus to take seniors and others around town. Check to see if yours has one.
County special needs Transportation

Or low tech like she did. We live in a great neighborhood and all know each other. If she needed to ride to the grocery, she put a small red flag on the mailbox; to Walmart, a small blue flag. As neighbors were going, they’d either stop and offer to get what she needed or let her ride along.

If seizures are still a potential, I’m not sure I’d get on a scooter (unless you can feel them coming on–Chari couldn’t), or if I did, I’d want to wear a helmet and crash gear.

Hope this helps.