SEIZURES............Do they still happen after the avm is out? Never had before

I actually had my first seizure right after my first surgery. Scary, and I dont remember much. I just remember not knowing anyone or anything…and not being able to speak and what did come out of my mouth wasn’t really words. The Avm was around the speech and memory part of my brains so that is why. Any time there is trama to the brain (and with surgery) There is a chance of having seizures. I have seizures about 4 times a week and my husband says they are always at night. I kind of just zone out of it, with no shaking or anything. So I am lucky for that. I am on 2000mg of keppra a day and still having they small seizures. My first surgery was over 18 months ago. So I know how you feel with being 6 months past and feeling like it has only been 6 weeks. Just keep your chin up and do lots of praying! :slight_smile:

I forgot to add though that the seizures are worth it for me. Knowing that I no longer have the avm or a bleed. I am happy!

Seizures can be very scary. Luckily though, they are typically very controllable. My AVM is still in, but my doctor tells me that my seizures may not be directly related and could never stop, even if it is removed. He ended up doing a 24 hour EEG to figure that out. Overall, I think the more information you can get for yourself about where and why they are happening the better. The knowledge has really helped me to understand my seizures and learn to deal with them. The drugs help too :slight_smile: Also - so long as your seizures are under control, you can drive (legally).
Hang in there!