SEIZURES............Do they still happen after the avm is out? Never had before

It has been six months since my AVM was taken out. I have been Having weakness in me legs ane my balance is off again. It feel like six weeks post surgery not six months. Can someone help! I feel as if i am going backwards in my recovery, and it scares the s#$% out of me! MYprimary said it could be partial frontal siezures>>>>>>>>>so back for more test. I have never had siezures before . When i looked up partial fontal seizures it sounded as if they were describing me!

Thank you Liam, I KNEW IF ANYONE would know it will be you! So it is not uncommon to have seisures after trama to the brain? thank you for your support. you are a wise and great feiend

My husband started having seizures about 3 months after his craniotomy. None of his doctors told us this might happen. It is very scary I know. How are you doing now?

i have partial frontal seizures, but havent had the AVM removed yet so cant be of help there. they can be quite scary but i usually feel them coming, hang in there, pills help!

Hi Jeff,
I can’t believe you still have parts of your AVM. I would be so upset! How are you doing now? I am still having seizures>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hate them>>>>>>>>>still don’t know how to handle them . They totally disrupt my life. I am still on the books to see another doc. . I pray I don’t get the same news. I would go crazy! I’ll never ever go through this again! Just is how I feel! I would rather not take the chance of being a vegetable now that I am more informed. Thanks for your input. I’m so sorry you are going through all this again! I’M mad 4 u!
Sending Angel light and love…d

Hi Kristin,
I don’t think we have talked before so welcome! What are some of the signs that your husband has when one of his seizures are coming on? I’ve only had two thus far and they sure weren’t fun. Lot of pain, headache, loss of balance, etc. How does he handle them? I end up in bed and suffer for three days.
thanks for your input…

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your input. I have never had them before so they do scare me. I am seven months post surgery now and just started having them. I’ve had two thus far. What happens to you that you can tell they are coming on? Do you get headaches ? How do you handle them. Hope you are doing well…
Sending Angel light and love…d

this is gonna sound weird, bit i feel kind of like, electrical feeling, then a strong urge to sit, where i am, then i get an aura, then Boom it hits, but its over rather quickly, and done!

Thanks Liam,
I do have some of those but I always seem to see flashes of light (if that is what u call it)lol>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I have a neurologist appt. this month on the 24th so we will see!
Sending angel light and love…d

hey! i had mine taken out too. and my right leg and hand is still weak… But i was weak before i had my surgery and after hemorrhage/stroke. But after surgery i felt that i could flex my feet better. I think we hav to exercise and alot of stretching and lots of prayer :). Im currently doin lifting up legs and i find it grew stronger. i haven had seizures and its been 1 month plus after op and I hope ill never have it. and thanks liam for the post seizure tips. oh ya and i hav memory problems that its just a temporary thing. it is a temp thing right? :frowning:

Hi Rhoda Teo,
I have memory problems. Short term for me! They say it takes years for those nerves to grow back! As far as the seizures I only started having them post opp. six. months aftr. Hope you don’t get them…
sending angel light and love…d

I don’t really know how to explain it, he looks fine one minute and then the next he says I’m going to have a seizure and usually 20-45 minutes later he has one. During this 20-45 min time he usually starts shaking just a little (like a shiver when you are cold) He breaths really hard and can’t swallow but is completely aware of what is happening. He says one of his arms starts to tingle too. Then the real seizure starts. It is so scary. His face turns blue and really struggles to breath, his whole body convulses, and they ususually last about 2 minutes. Then he sleeps for about 30 minutes and wakes up with no idea what happened. A few hours later he starts to remember the “aura” leading up to the seizure.

For me- YES… BTW, I have DOG-Tags: my name, Seizure Disorder, Blood type, SSN. I found dog tags really practical because if you lay down or on your side, they come out of your shirt. I went to or, if you’re going to do them, get an extra set of RED with more detailed info. Red (on dogtags) is used to inform of any allergies or condition. I’ll be happy to help with any info.

Take care,

Thank you Regis,
I have my appt with a new nero surgeon June 11. If they say i have seizures for sure they will report me to the DMV and tale my license for a year! It is the law here. Scary…to be without my drivers license.What do you do about it?
Sending Angel light and love…d

I drive!!! Don’t let them… My last reported seizure was in 2002, my last actual seizure was in 2004. My DR never reported me, BECAUSE I TOLD HIM I WASN’T GOING TO DRIVE- and I kept my word. I had to sell my car. See, in Florida it’s 6 months. I think you have to take the exam over and everything. I went a little bit without driving, but it wasn’t much. Think about this: being driven around is not so bad. You get to sit wherever you want in the car (that’s a big one for me, I’m the youngest), preference over the radio; trust me there’s many perks of being driven around.


Hi Donna,
I am having the same experience. I realized I was pushing myself too hard and needed a lot more rest. I think my brain could not keep up with my activity level and it was causing seizures.
I am now aware of muscle twitches that tell me I am tired whenever I push myself too hard.
I agree with you being tested but perhaps it could be exhaustion as it is for me.

Hi Andrea, It is true being so tired brings them on so dies stress. I just do want to loose my driver license. This stat is by law suppose to turn you in to the DMV and they will take my license for one year. Shit , i can’t be without my drivers license . It is one thing to choose not to drive but all together different not to be able to! I hate having my freedom take from me, my independence!


Think about this: the reason I opted NOT to drive- would I want to injure someone else? We have to think that way- I certainly do not want to put, ‘let’s say’ a mom and her kids at risk.


wats d partial fontal seizures? Im sorry to hear tat ur going backwards in recovery? I ts almost 3 months after mine. I still haven had big seizures and im looking forward to go back to my study life. Little scared actually. Does ur feet hurts when u get off the bed when u wake up? I wish tat ur better now.

I agree with you, I would never get behind the wheel if i didn’t feel confident! I would rather die myself than to bring harm to anyone! I would just like to have the choice…I feel caged in as it is. Some days I just want to run from myself! It is a party…only I am invited. Big pity party! Most part I feel ok, I guess it’s my expectations getting in the way again. I thought I’d be much farther ahead than I am!
Thanks for the advise…appreciate the reminder.
Sending Angel light and love…d