I have a question that I have not been able to ask my neuro yet. How many people who were lucky enough to not have seizures during their bleed and/or surgery had them years later?

Hi Teresa, I have had 2 seizures in total my whole life (1998 & 2007) so very much isolated events. I then had a bleed and needed emergency surgery to clear a large blood clot/pressure etc .... They put me on Keppra after the surgery and I have had no seizures at all since and they said that being on the Keppra would be temporary since I was at low risk, But since I need further surgery they are thinking now that they will leave me on it (For I'm not sure how long) But I have no noticeable side affects from it so there's no issues. All in all I've been blessed or have great luck coming though such a serious event and being perfectly fine :) (Except for headaches) :) Thanks and hope your well also. Take care :)

Hi Teresa

I had mine when I was 4 years old when I have my bleed and surgery. 20 years later I had one. And then when I was 26. The doctors believe it’s from thr gamma knife surgery that I hadpve had when I was 5. I was lucky but it may ruin my career. I hope all is well