Sensations after stroke and crainiotomy

Hi All

I had my stroke and craniotomy back in june2010, I do still however get quite severe pins& needles, numbness, loss of sensation and grip in my left side and very hot sensations down my left side, the most biarre sensations and makes me feel real horrible and weird. I get it sometimes exercising and sometimes whilst resting, does anyone else get this? or know anything about it? I presume its due to the psaralysis i had, in factc it feels like it when it comes on, scares the hell outta me.
any ideas??

thanks phil

Hi Phil. I did a search on the phrase Pins and Needles…
Evidently it is a pretty common sensation!

Hi Phil,

I had my craniotomy August 2009. I had pins and needles in hands, legs and feet. I still have that sensations but the intensity has lessened. I do still feel like I am wearing very tight elastic socks on my calves. They feel like they are in a vice. I still have numbness in half of my face. As time goes by though things are slowly getting better. It is a very slow process for me. Hope these feelings will subside for you in time.


I get the same thing occasionally but I never really thought about it being related to my bleed/surgery. I guess you’ve had this since then, yes? If it were new I’d say talk to your neurologist, it could be a whole new thing. Like a pinched nerve or a disc issue. But now that I’m seeing others with the same symptoms, makes me think mine might be related to the AVM stuff.

I used to have rather horrible “moment” - i would start getting a visual distortion. Flashing lights to the right side, for around 10 to 15min, then it woould disappear. Then i wold get numbness on my right side, everywhere - so much so that my right hand would be almost entirely numb. Even my right side teeth would feel really weird! It would disppear after the same sort of time. Then i would have a small head ache for the rest of the evening, not really bad but enough to knock me out.

After my last stroke tho, i no longer get that - now suddenly i feel rather odd; my heart flutters; my body has no balance for a while; no visual problems tho; that all happens for like 5 to 7min. Its not nice.

Ive asked my neuro why this happens, but they just shrug. Maybe its a really, really mini TIA, or just a quick spurt for the blood visels…