Sensitivity to sunlight - Common?

My husband had surgery to remove his AVM for left temporal lobe. I was under the impression that this area of brain affects memory and speech, however his biggest problem has been sensitivity to sunlight? It has been 3 years since surgery and apparently he has always had this issue just never talked about it until a year or go or so. Is this a common problem for many of you?

I had gamma knife surgery for an AVM in the left temporal lobe. I have always been really sensitive to bright light, especially flashes of light. One thing that really hurts my eyes is when driving along a tree lined road in bright sunlight and you keep going from shadow to sun. My night vision is good though. My wife says I am like a bat.

After the surgery…I m sensitive to light like the mall lights and big stores…I cant only stand those lights for 30 min…I have to used sun glases…It has been 10 mos since I had the craniotomy done…Before all this happend ( avm) I didnt have this problem…
Take care, God Bless.
anabel m.

I also had surgery to remove an AVM from my left temporal lobe. You are right, this area is primarily responsible for memory and speech, but depending on the location of the AVM within the temporal lobe, it may be very close to the optic nerves. My AVM was located right next to the optic nerve and started causing a slight vision loss before my AVM was even diagnosed. Following my surgery, I lost exactly 1/2 of my vision. The entire right field of view was lost in both my right and left eyes. In addition, while the vision that I still have is nearly perfect, I am very sensitive to light. Flourecent lighting and computer monitors are the worst. I have to have sunglasses on when I am outside, even in the early evening or when it is raining. I found that wearing tinted safety glasses while inside helps quite a bit as well. I am currently trying out a pair of glasses with yellow, non-prescription lenses and they seem to be working well. I also wore a pair of glasses with a light blue lens for well over a year and those seemed to work even better.

If you are interested in giving it a try, there is a wide variety of safety glasses out there with various lens colors, stylish frames, and are very inexpensive, I get all of my glasses from this place:

I had surgery to remove an AVM from the right frontal lobe of my brain, and post-op have had great sensitivity to the sunlight. My eyes take a while to adjust to the light and I often times get an instant headache from it. I got some fairly dark sun glasses, and make sure to always use those if I’m going to be out in the sunlight, and sometimes will resort to using them indoors if lights are unbearably bright. It was never an issue before my AVM/operation. I hope this helps a bit. Take care.