This is always a touchy subject, but how do I know whether it’s ok to …?, whether it’s safe to …? Does it increase any risks? Are there any issues around this that I should be aware of? I’m not talking about anything too strenuous, but my partner is terrified it would cause me to have another bleed!

I’ve read that it CAN cause a bleed, but what can you do, you have to live your life.

thank you, it’s just one of those questions that you want to ask, but don’t know who to ask, or how to ask. Do you know does the risk remain the same, or does it decrease over time? We did mention this to the stroke nurse and she told us that there is no risk at all, just get on with our lives, but then she didn’t seem to know a lot about AVM, nd gave us a lot of literature about strokes caused by a clot. I read somewhere that the risk of re-bleeding decreases over time, but I don’t know how true that is.

I dont know where I read it, tried to find it for you and couldnt. After the gamma knife though your risk of rebleed in general does decrease over time, its a percentange a year I will try and find that info, I think they say after 3-5 years your in the clear though.

Loz… I don’t want to be TOO SPECIFIC (about where and how many, what positions- you brought it up!!)

Anyways, AS FOR ME… I think 2 weeks was it FOR ME… yeah… I just- what can I say?

Regis =)

Brad’s doctor told him,“of course you can have sex” as long your not standing on your head or picking her up swing her around…you get the point…Because if it’s going to happen, it can happen at anytime. so enjoy!!!

Liam, I was 17…

Thanks for that

I guess that rules out jumping from the wardrobes or swinging from the lampshades then!! Only joking. I think that even if I had the energy the fixtures and fittings wouldn’t stand up to it.

Oh Liam I can’t believe it, I’ve never come across anyone who has about the same, or even worse luck than me. I agree a good relationship isn’t all about sex, but when something as life changing as this comes along, you just don’t know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do any more. My partner is worried about how we could explain things when we are in A & E with everyone around us saying we should have known better. My partner works at the hospital… and we have had some really bad luck in the past. I could tell you some stories!

Think my guy basically said go ahead but as below no swinging from the lampshade
But don’t think i bother much as still quite numb below, I could be at it like a rabbit and no nothing about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Loz… I think that anything that raises the blood pressure could be potentially harmful, like road rage, even if you’re not the one driving. Personally sex is my only relief from the constant headaches. So instead of my partner hearing… “No, honey, not tonight, I have a headache.” He hears just the opposite. :slight_smile:

Dear Loz,

Very interesting question. To my knowledge, sex isn’t a contraindication when you have an AVM. If there was any firm evidence, everyone on this site would have been told to abstain by their medics.

I don’t think it ( i.e an AVM bleed) has ever been described in the medical literature. If anyone has, let me know.

Still, all of this raises another question. If , God forbid, someone had a bleed during sex , and God forbid, they died, could their partner be tried for murder or manslaughter??? I think that would make a very interesting plot for a Hollywood movie, don’t you? Perhaps some of our AVM friends out in LA could pawn off this idea on some movie producers? We could have Sharon Stone as the lead actress - I mean, she’s had a stroke already. It would be like “Basic Instinct” but with brain bleeds!!!



Oh my! Your sex life sounds like a comedy named WARNING: SEX MAY BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH!

LOL Good one Chris

Ok they told me not to drink not to smoke one time my neurologist told me not to stop sex but to decrease it.I didn’t listen to her.She didn’t said anythink about bleed just that i don’t have to press my self

Sorry I made light of your situation, Liam. It sounded funny to me at the time, but it’s really a serious situation and I feel bad for you and Alison.

My husband always wants sex, but at the same time is terrified of hurting me. As for me, my drive has gone way down, possibly due to all the medication or the headaches, or menopause, or all three. But I want to make him happy with all he’s going through for me. And honestly, once we get started I quite enjoy it. :wink:

Unfortunately, I usually do hurt afterwards, between my headaches and arm pain rom the torn rotator cuff. I try to hide it as much as I can, because it wil just upset Michael again and make him feel guilty.

Now that, I think I would find much easier to live with. You see when we did try I ended up with a severe headache for three days afterwards, and then picked up a chest infection and ended up being admitted to hospital again because I lost my balance altogether and couldn’t stand up - I mean, I’ve heard of lasting effects!, but, what can I say?

omg I am actually blushing for you Liam lol your poor wife.