Shall we have baby after AVM cured?

My wife was diagonised having brain AVM 5 years ago when she was 4 months pregnancy. She got stroke also that time. Doctors detected bleeding in brain. Then she was done embilization and delivered a baby. After 2 years, she had been treated with gamma knife radio surgery. Now she was confirmed that avm free. It took 3 years to cure avm through Gamma knife surgery. Shall we plan for baby now? She has been taking eption tablet for past 5 years. Are we need to wait some more years? Is it advisable to get pregnancy after avm cured? Please share your thoughts. People having similar experince, can share in details…

For me my avm was removed 2 years ago and I am now 10 weeks pregnant. Since the avm was removed by craniotomy they are not concerned at all. I did have several bleeds with the avm before we found out i even had one…and they are not even concerned with that either. I would suggest for you wife to talk with her neurologist about wanting to have a baby and ask about concerns for medication and such. I have been taking keppra (seizure medication) and there are some big concerns but we are just hoping for the best. It is always best to talk to your neurologist before getting pregnant…but that didnt happen in our case. They will be able to give you accurate answers and also make you feel more comfortable about trying for a baby or maybe tell you it is not safe at all. So please have your wife discuss pregnancy with her neurologist then if he ok’s it talk to her obgyn and she will also need a high risk obgn if pregnancy is ok.
I hope I was some help. Good Luck

Hi Rosenberk, check it out with your wifes doctor, they will know best, good luck.

i have to agree with the others…it is best to talk to your doctor especially if your wife is on medication…but i do know once the avm is gone it is safe that is the main reason i had surgery…was because one day i want to have a family and i was told by the neuro that once the avm is gone it is safe as you are no longer at risk of bleeding or stroke…all the best with your plans and please let us know what the doctors say

I agree with the others, check with your doctor.
Just so you know, I had two children and I didn’t know I had an AVM, so I’m pretty sure your wife is safe after removal.