Should I avoid fatty food? Will it clog the arterey in my AVM If I eat it all the time?

Hi Chelsea, eating fatty foods causes something called atherosclerosis, which is plague build-up in the blood vessels in the body. The risk of having plague build-up is the narrowing of blood vessels, when blood vessels get narrow blood pressure increases. Other risks are the plaque narrowing so much that it occludes the blood vessel and causes ischemia (blood being unable to reach the downstream tissues) which causes death of tissues. Also, it can cause emobolism, which is a part of the plague breaking off and traveling to smaller vessels in the lungs, heart or brain which can cause infarctions (death of tissues due to no oxygen and nutrients neccessary for the vitality of tissues). It is inevitable to get atherosclerosis later in life; however, you should still maintain a healthy diet low in fat.

I'm no nutritionist, but you probably want to avoid eating high-fat foods.

Like when you cook bacon, there's that fat that hardens...just imagine what it does to the heart - I'm all for eating bacon, but it's not like I'd do it everyday...know what I mean?

Bubu80's answer sounds way more professional - Let's go with hers.

Good to know. Thanks. :)

A healthy alternative is turkey bacon...tastes just like bacon because its pure meat and no just a sucker for in n out fries though...their heavenly.