Should i wait and watch or have it removed?

hi there, i have a avm on my right hand and have had 2 children since it was discovered by myself in 2003. my question is should i go ahead and have it emobolized or should i just continue to watch it? it has grown with both pregnacies, but i’m still able to work , it doesn’t give me too much problems. it just seems from everyone’s imput that once you begin surgery it is like opening a can of worms. it seems like it’s growing up my arm because the veins are now bulging in my arm like i’m a body builder. i"m wondering if this is happening because the circulation is not the best. anyway, i’m going to have it evaluated by a doctor at john hopkins here soon. she will be looking at my mri on monday. just wanted to know from all of your personal experiences, should i go ahead and operate. right now it is the size of a large strawberry. thanks,

A tough question.

I have learned in the past year that (contrary to what I originally believed) extremity AVMs can and do re-occur in patients. One question I think I would ask a competent extremity AVM DR is "If I start having surgeries to remove the existing AVMs, are they more or less likely to return? Is one better off just leaving them alone as long as the pain is manageable?"

Hope this helps.

Ron, KS