Side effects after craniotomy

Hi everyone,

Slowly I am getting my momentum back but I have been experiencing two side effects that are driving me crazy.

1. Food either does not have any taste or has a very acidic/bitter taste that keeps me from hardly eating anything. Since the 8 days that we have been home, I have lost 10 pounds.

2. I have a constant humming through my right ear (even though my surgery was on the left side). If I put my head right side down on the pillow, the humming is magnified and sounds like it's from my brain.

I am not worrying too much about the first, but I am scared that something is going on with the blood flow in my brain that is causing the humming.

And then again, I could also be paranoid :)

Has anyone experienced either or both of these?


I know my daughter in law had a ringing in her ear for a while after her cyber knife surgery. It did go away after a few weeks. She was told by her neuro-surgeon that this was normal.

After my bleed and shunt installation everything tasted like bad pastrami: salty and garlicky. That lasted a couple of months. All I could eat was oranges and Eskimo Pies.

Faux, if you're on any medication it could be the cause of the non-tasting food thing. Anti-biotics in particular tend to have this side effect. The ringing in the ears thing is common. Talk to your surgeon about it. Soemtimes it's temporary, sometimes not. I do hope you can eat something. 10 pounds is a lot to lose in a week.

Hi Faux, I agree with Trish, Speaking to your Doc is best and might be meds, Congratulations on your new diet ! :) . Sorry just joking. I truly hope you get better soon and have full health again :) . Take care

Trish I also experienced the humming, sometimes it sounded like I could hear the blood flowing through my brain. I was annoying for sure, but eventually stopped after about a month or two.

Hi Faux
all replies above are spot on. i had to brain surgeries… august 2013… january 2014…both times had the pulse or humming noise and both times went away about 2 months later.

As for taste? It seems salt is not as tasty as before .but im just happy to be alive…bugga the salt

good luck

Regards Jack

Glad I am not the only one. May I ask why you had two surgeries?


Hi there...i had a clicking noise in my head for a few months on and off...and slowly it went away as your brain is trying to adjust slowly after major surgery...God bless