Side Effects of having AVM

Besides having a bit of a nagging headache and perhaps a bit of lethargy, I don’t feel much different now then before I was diagnosed with an AVM. Is this a good sign? I am having cyberknife surgery on Tuesday on a 3cm AVM which is in an eloquent part of my brain (I think it is towards the top-I haven’t seen pictures unfortunately). From reading about other people’s experiences, I seem to be feeling unusually well.

Be happy for that, Dianne. Many people have different symptoms. I know that my symptoms are much worse now than when I was first diagnosed almost three years ago. But that may be a result of the proton beam treatment I had 2-1/2 years ago.

That’s good news. Since your AVM has bled the worst is behind you. Although the cyberknife may take a couple of years to do its job, you’re on your way to recovery. Others have reported here that many nagging symptoms have gone away with the AVM disappearing over time. Good luck and please keep us updated with a “blog posting” - My Page > Blog.

Great news, Dianne. I hope things continue to go well for you!